Glmx has been reintroduced to the ama district-14 family.

First off, we’d like to thank all of the racers and their families for participating and fostering the GLMX community. We’d also like to thank the individual and company sponsors that allowed us put on the best race series we could. It certainly isn’t breaking news, but Great Lakes MX has discontinued its race series efforts, handing over the reigns elsewhere. It breaks down like this:

Dutch Sport Park, Log Road, and RedBud MX have re-entered District-14 sanctioning. You can visit the District-14 website, or the individual tracks for more info.

Baja Acres has opted out of rejoining District-14, and will run individually. Visit bajaacres.com for more info.

Ironmany Raceway and Wildcat Creek are in a similar position, however, in the case that Indiana’s district is no longer functional, they will also be run on an individual basis. Please contact the tracks at ironmanraceway.com and wildcatcreekmx.com.

All of the GLMX tracks will continue to function and host races in 2019. All of the same people are here, just housed under different umbrellas. Hope to see you at the races!

-Great Lakes Motocross